Historical Overview – A Fantastic Freeze

Cryotherapy is a curative health treatment involving extremely low temperatures (range -190ºF to -270ºF). Whole Body Cryotherapy, also referred to as “Air Cryo Therapy” (ACT) and “Cryosauna,” is rooted in the practice of Dr. Yamaguchi of Japan who, in 1978, started using freezing treatments of short duration on his rheumatoid arthritis patients’ skin surface for pain management. He found that he could significantly reduce soreness and pain because the rapid decrease of temperature of the outer layer of skin led to the immediate release of endorphins and therefore less sensitivity to pain.

Continuing his WBC research in the 1980s, Dr. Yamaguchi and his associates concluded that rapid short-term freezing of the skin’s surface to a temperature of 32ºF while inside the cryo-chamber has a more beneficial effect on the human body than its gradual cooling while immersed in an ice bath, where the lowest temperature possible is 5ºC/41ºF. It was learned that WBC affects the body on three different levels:

  • The Biochemical level – the circulatory system
  • The Energy level – the energy meridians
  • The Information level – the nervous system

Today, everyone from elite athletes to recreational enthusiasts to anyone desiring a range of health improvements and anti-aging benefits utilize WBC on a regular basis.


A WBC session lasts only three minutes at maximum, yet that’s plenty of time for the skin to send signals to the brain that stimulate physical reactions and naturally occurring healing resources within the body. At Arctic Blast Cryotherapy, a user steps onto a platform inside our octagon-shaped chamber – a unit built with unequaled quality controls, thus ensuring a consistent WBC experience every time.

Once inside, the user is exposed to subzero temperatures created by nitrogen-chilled air, with levels dropping to a range of -190º to -270º degrees Fahrenheit. This extreme cold impels skins sensors to active a response from the Central Nervous System. The result is the release of endorphins that inhibit pain and enhance mood. And, due to an increase of the body’s circulation activity, inflammation is reduced as toxins are cleared and oxygen and nutrient-enriched blood serves to regenerate cells. This cell regeneration promotes speedier healing. As an overview, WBC positively impacts a body’s biochemistry, energy, and general feeling of well being.

The result is a rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level, and this regenerative process continues for 6 to 8 hours even after the session is over.

Here’s an overview of WBC benefits:


  • Decrease in muscle soreness and inflammation
  • Speedier recovery from training
  • Go beyond your current physical limitations
  • Complete body preparation


  • Manage persistent pain & inflammation
  • Relieve symptoms of depression & anxiety
  • Improve immune system functions
  • Increased range of motion
  • Helps foster weight loss


  • Increase metabolism & weight loss
  • Improve skin conditions & blemishes
  • Promotes collagen production for younger skin/anti-aging effects

Cryotherapy Services:

Whole Body Cryotherapy – 3 Minute Session in cryosauna

Normatec Compression Boots – 20 Minute Session

Localized Spot Treatment – 10 Minute Session

Cryofacial – 10 Minute Session

Medi-Crystal Mat – 20 Minute Session (complimentary with Normatec, Spot Treatment & Cryofacial)

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Whole Body Cryotherapy has reinvented the healing process. And, it has become the most efficient, and effective, way of putting one’s body into an overall better state of mind.




Although professional athletes use this proven process to prepare, recover, and rehabilitate in quicker fashion, anyone simply desiring to feel healthier can immensely benefit through the WBC experience.




The Octagon is Optimal

Quite distinct from other WBC units out there, our spacious octagon design delivers the highest level of comfort and effectiveness. At all times, a user’s head remains above the octagon chamber, and he or she experiences a full body immersion effect that eliminates uneven cooling. As a result of an innovative touch panel control, the ease of operation delivers unequaled temperature control and consistently accurate temperature levels.

We’re Committed

At Arctic Blast Cryo, we certainly take great pride in helping others experience total rejuvenation. Yet, our approach to helping people goes far beyond the science. We are here to advise, support, and remain available to answer any questions or concerns that arise.

We want to expose – quite literally – millions of people to the benefits of cryotherapy. The more we can provide education and spread knowledge regarding WBC, the healthier we can make all the communities that we reach.